Online Lesco Duplicate Bill

Sometimes it becomes hectic to check the bill status before the arrival of the bill at your home. Its payment becomes more difficult when the payment date has not had enough time. But has made it easier for you to check and make payments on your Lesco bills. You can get here Online Lesco … Read more

How Can I Check My Electricity Bill Online In Islamabad?

Nowadays everyone wants to save time. Because time is the most precious thing on the planet. Every person wants to spend his time on productive things and on those things which make him happy. So, wasting your time waiting in lines for paying your electricity bills does not make sense. If you have a question … Read more

How Can I Check My Electricity Bill in Karachi?

How Can I Check My Electricity Bill in Karachi

We are living in the era of science. The advancement in science and technology has made the life of people very fast and easy. Now the time is very short for everyone to stay in the lines for making payment of Electricity Bill in Karachi. K-electric has come up with a facility for its customers … Read more

How Can I Check My Electricity Online Bill In Pakistan?

Check electricity online bill

Contents It is a time of science and technology its very easy to check electricity online bill. With the development of technology, our lives have become more accessible and manageable. For example, in the past, we only had many problems checking online electricity bills. But now, all thanks to science, it’s easy you can check … Read more

GEPCO Chief Executive Appeals To Public

GEPCO Chief Executive Appeals To Public

Keep your children and Animals  away from electrical installations during rainy season, GEPCO chief executive appeals to public. The Loss of Human Life Is By No Means Acceptable: In rainy season, people should strictly follow safety precautions and stay away from GEPCO installations, poles and wires etc. If you see a broken wire, do not … Read more

How to Generate Electricity With Solar Panels

generate electricity with solar panels

Good news for GEPCO users Now generate electricity with solar panels, use your free electricity, and make money by selling the extra electricity to Gepco. Gepco’s domestic, industrial and commercial customers can obtain solar power licenses and generate, use and sell electricity under net metering. Because of the growing trend of consumers towards generate electricity … Read more

HESCO Press Released

HESCO Press Released

HESCO Press Released instructions of Hesco Chief Executive Officer Noor Ahmad Soomroki Says power thieves and Proceedings are underway against defaulters Kotri, Latifabad, Qasimabadi Gadi Khata, Tando Adam PindDahd. HESCO Press Released: 2770 Connections Disconnected: During the operations in the areas of Khan, divisions, Collected blankets of 2980 defaulters. Non-payment has been disconnected 2770 connections … Read more

How to Apply GEPCO Electricity New Connection Meter

GEPCO Electricity New Connection

An easy and complete way to apply for GEPCO Electricity New Connection online. Another Important Step Towards GEPCO’s Excellent Customer Service Is The Acquisition Of GEPCO Electricity New Connection Even Faster, Easier and Simpler. Users can now submit their GEPCO Electricity New Connection requests online from home. All Gepco domestic, commercial, and agricultural / tube … Read more

GEPCO Crackdown On Power Thieves Continues.

Power Thieves Continues

The success of the ongoing operation against power thieves across the GEPCO region is the result of joint teamwork and a testament to the hard work of GEPCO management and staff,” said GEPCO Chief Executive Mohammad Ayyub. During the first week of this month, caught 67 power thieves were from the GEPCO region. Power Thieves … Read more

Approval for Payment of Scholarships For Children Of GEPCO Employees For The Financial Year 22-2021

GEPCO Authority Approved Payment

GEPCO Authority has approved payment of more than Rs. 24 lakh 67 thousand in scholarships to the children of employees. GEPCO Authority Approved Payment of Scholarships No negligence should be taken in matters related to the welfare of employees, and prompt payment of dues of employees will be made possible in any case, Chief Executive … Read more