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Welcome to, it is a platform where you can check all types of electricity bills. If you are a Mepco customer and you want to check your MEPCO Online bill status, you are at the right place. Here you can check all the particulars like amount due, due date, and total taxes which are charged in the electricity bill. Later in this post you will get know the process of checking the bill status,

About MEPCO Online bill:

MEPCO Online bill

Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company) was established and incorporated in late 90’s. It started its functions on 14th of May 1998. Mepco is responsible for supplying electricity in different cities. There are 13 (thirteen) cities under its territory.

Areas under control of Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company):

Multan Electric Power Company is responsible for supplying electricity and the maintenance in following thirteen (13) cities.

Dera Ghazi Khan
Rahim Yar Khan

If you are the resident of any of the cities mentioned above, then you are at the right spot. It is a platform where you can check all the details of your MEPCO Online bill. You will get all the details about your bill like bill reading date, number of units consumed, cost of per unit, total cost of electricity that you have consumed and the most important thing, the amount of taxes charged on in the mepco bill calculations. Furthermore, you can get a duplicate bill from here.

Mepco Bill through Email:

Multan Electric Power Company has introduced a wonderful service for its customers. Now you can get your bill on your mail address. You need to get yourself registered on You will get your bill every month before the due date. If you want to avail this service browse and register there using your email address and 14 digits reference number.

Procedure to track mepco bill:

If you want to check you MEPCO Online bill status, we suggest you to follow the said process;

  1. Browse site on your browser.
  2. Click on bill checking.
  3. Enter 14 digits reference number.
  4. You can check the bill status by your customer ID as well.
  5. Enter any of these two numbers and press the button next or continue.
  6. You will see the latest bill status including all the particulars.
  7. You can get the full bill view. Click on “View Full Bill” and you will see all the details, costs, and calculations of the Mepco Online bill.
  8. You can save the bill or copy it in pdf format or you can get print of it.

Peak Hours at Mepco:

All the electricity providers recommend reducing electricity usage during peak hours. Mepco suggests its customers reduce their electricity usage during peak time. It is helpful for both the electricity providing company and the customers as well. The lessened use of electricity during peak hours helps Mepco to stabilize the electric supply while it reduces the amount of bills for the customers. In different months the peak time varies as mentioned below;

From the month of April till October the peak hours are 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm. While during November to March the peak hours are 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Customer Complaints Cell:

Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company) provides high-level customer services to its customers in 13 cities. There is a toll free number that is available during office hours. You can register your complaint regarding the services, breakage, or supply interruption. For any complaint, you can contact on the following numbers.

  • 061-9210334,
  • 061-9210389 and
  • 061-6784815

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Taxes and Tariffs in Mepco Bills

The total amount payable of an electricity bill is compiled after computing the cost of electricity and taxes & tariffs on it. Now we are going to discuss how mepco charges taxes on electricity bills. The rate of taxes vary in different categories like the FPA, FC, and other tariffs may be less in residential bill. In the case of industrial or commercial bills, these taxes may be higher. The detailed discussion on these taxes is given below;

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment)

As we discussed earlier that mepco purchases electricity from other companies which produce electricity from crude oil. FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) in mepco Online bills is concerned with the rental power which it has purchased. This adjustment is made when there is a significant fluctuation in the prices of crude oil. It is clearly mentioned in the bills calculations.

TR (Tariff Rationalization) Surcharges

Tariff rationalization means the adjustment of cost. TR is the difference between NEPRA and GOP. If the difference is positive it will come up as a subsidy for mepco customers. But when the difference is negative the distributing company is liable to pay it to GOP under “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization surcharge (IDTR SUR).

FC (Financing Cost) Surcharges

FC stands for Financing Cost. NEPRA decided to add 43 paise per unit as Financing Cost as it was the requirement of IMF to increase the taxes on electricity. FC surcharges are added to residential, commercial, and industrial bills as well. It is a cost to secure the collection of debt of the power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amounts

Mepco facilitates its customers as it gives the option to its customers to defer the total amount of the bill. If you want to pay the whole payable amount in the same month you are more than welcome. But if you want to make a partial payment and the rest of the payable amount will be adjusted in upcoming bills.

There are no additional charges on such deferred payments. The payable amount will adjust with the new bill. It has significant importance for commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

QTR (Quarter) Tariff Adjustment or DMC

DMC tariff adjustment is made quarterly. After every three months, mepco does this adjustment in all categories of bills like residential, industrial, and commercial bills. If you want to make an estimate of this cost you can use an online calculator which is publish on

It is an exclusive calculator for the calculations of DMC tariff adjustments. Enter the number of units that you have consumed in this period and it will calculate the amount of quarterly DMC on your mepco bill.