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HESCO Online bill

How You Can Check HESCO Online Bill.

  1. First of all Click On Check HESCO Duplicate Bill Now.
  2. You will see a window to write 14 digit reference no.
  3. Reference no of the bill you can find from your old bill.
  4. Type your 14 digits of the bill and click on submit.
  5. You will see your latest bill appear in front of you.
  6. Click on CTRL+P you can print your bill.

How to Pay Your Hesco Online Bill:

There are different types of forms where you can pay your bill.

  • Bank: Meezan Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, Punjab Bank Limited, National Bank Limited, Askari Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Faisal Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, and Soneri Bank Limited
  • Online: You can pay your bill online through any online bank app or Easypaisa, Jazz cash, And Upasia app. 

When HESCO Company Started:

The government of Pakistan approved the rehabilitation of the Sector in 1998. Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Ltd. was established on 23rd April 1998. Because this company takes charge of Electricity in district Hyderabad.

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The current Chief Executive Officer of Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company is Mr. Noor Ahmed Soomro. He is a customer-oriented person and gives so much importance to the HESCO consumers. His motto is to serve the customers with dedication. His words are quite impressive. He says that “This would be my motto, guiding light, and my path towards change. People, my employees, and customers, would be my priority, first and foremost”. Furthermore, he adds that the customer is their king. He is on the way to changing the traditional way of service. So, he is intended to develop personal bonding with the consumers.

He has introduced many programs for employee development as well. Along with 100% customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction is also on his radar. That’s why he has given fair chances of self-actualization and financial satisfaction to the HESCO staff

New Connection Installation Process

If any person living in the jurisdiction of HESCO wants to get a new electricity connection. The process for getting the new domestic electric connection is as follows;

You can easily get the application form from the sub-division office. It is also available on the official HESCO website. The proposed person can get it online as well. The whole process will likely take 3o days till the installation of a new meter.

  • The first step in this regard is the submission of the written application to the sub-division officer, verification, and the survey. It will take 4 days.
  • The second step is the preparation of a service cost estimate and the issuance of a demand notice. This will take 6 days.
  • In the third step, the relevant officer will issue the work order, gives approval of store requisition, and make the issuance of material and orders to start execution of the work order. This process takes 11 days to complete.
  • In the final step, the lineman or the field staff will install the meter. It will take 9 days.

Area of Operations:

So HESCO Stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. This company operates in Hyderabad, some portion of (the old Nawab shah), Tando Adam, Jamshoro, Thatta, Tandon Allah Yar, Badin (Laar), and Mirpurhas.


Safety Tips:

Electricity is really dangerous so everyone should adopt safety measures. Following are some of the important safety tips.

  • Always prefer high-quality wiring installations.
  • If there is any damage or loose cord replace it with the new one.
  • Do not run extension cords through the gateways or from beneath the carpet. It can damage the wire, resultantly it can be a cause of short circuiting.
  • Avoid the overloading of wire extensions, and run only one appliance per cord.
  • There are instructions written on the wrapping, or on the booklet. Follow the instructions while plugging an appliance into a receptacle outlet.
  • Get a professional electrician the replacement of an old receptacle with the new one.
  • Do not use a cord that has exposed or damaged wirings.
  • If there is an electrical accident, do not touch the appliances at once. First, plug out the power source and then touch it.
  • It will take a few seconds to check the cracks, kinks, splints, or frays on the cords before you use them.
  • Always pull out the plug from the power source, do not grab it by holding the cord.
  • Keep in mind, never use any electric appliances, leads, or extensions in wet areas. Because it can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure that the electric cords are out of the reach of the children.

These are some of the precautions which will help you to stay safe. Always follow the precautions and make it your habit to act upon the instructions.


People ask many questions about HESCO, here we are going to answer some of the most asking questions.

How can I get a new HESCO Domestic Electricity connection?

If you are in the jurisdiction of HESCO you can submit your new connection application in written form with the sub-division officer. The relevant clerk will give you a receipt as proof that you have submitted the application for a new connection. The whole process will take 30 to 45 days.

What is the meter reading method of HESCO workers?

The meter reader records the number of units consumed in the reading register. He records the same reading on the reading card held with the consumer. It is so to avoid any error in the bill.

How do rectify the errors in the HESCO Online bill?

If there is an issue, error, or problem in the bill. The proposed consumer can get it rectified with the sub-division Revenue Officer.

How many grace days are available for the payment of the HESCO Online bill?

HESCO has allowed 15 grace days for its consumers for making payments of the bills.

Where I can deposit my electricity bills?

HESCO has specified some banks you can deposit your bills there. Furthermore, you can deposit your bills on GPOs and the shops as well. HESCO has given its customers an online payment facility as well.