Solar Power for Homes


With the increase in Solar Power for Homes consumption, the cost of electricity is increasing day by day. In Pakistan, the fuel prices are going up that’s why the cost of electricity is also increasing. Due to high costs, the govt and the general public are looking for new power sources. Solar power is one of the cheap sources of electricity.

Solar power for homes reduces the burden on govt. When you install the solar panels at your home. Your dependence on electric supplying companies comes to an end. Furthermore, you will see an incredible decrease in your monthly electricity bills. There are many benefits of solar power for homes.

Advantages of Solar Power for Homes

When you shift to solar power you receive many benefits. One of them is the decrease in electricity bill. In addition to this, your expenditures do not increase with the increase in per-unit price. Furthermore, you get a continuous electric supply. Some of the important advantages are explained below.


Solar panel installation requires you to pay once at the time of its installation. So, you do not need to pay on monthly basis. At the time of installation, it seems that the amount is huge. But, in the long run, it saves your money. Once you install solar penal it works for a number of years. So, it saves your money which you were supposed to pay for monthly electricity bills.

Govt Incentives

When you install solar panels, you get incentives from the govt as well. The federal govt gives you a 26% income tax credit. It means this percentage will be deducted from your total tax payable. Furthermore, you will get a rebate from your local govt. It will reduce your payable amount significantly. Resultantly, you are saving not only your electricity costs but also getting concession in taxes as well.

One Time Investment

One of the most attractive edges of solar power is that you make a one-time investment. Nowadays, the cost of crude oil is increasing internationally. So the cost of electricity also increases. But, in the case of solar power, your monthly electricity bill remains low. Your monthly cost will not increase. The electricity-generating companies increase their rates but it will not hit you.


Here is another advantage of solar power for homes. You enjoy the double warranty. One is from the solar panel manufacturing company. The second is from the installation company. Normally the warranty of solar panels is 20 years which the manufacturing company gives. Moreover, the installer gives 10 years warranty as well.

No matter which electric company supplies you electricity. Once you install it you will get the above-mentioned advantages. You can check your monthly bill status from our site. Not only this, but also you can make a comparison of your previous bills with the current. There will be a significant decrease in your bills.

If you are IESCO, FESCO, GEPCO, LESCO, TESCO, HESCO, PESCO, or QESCO consumers you can get your online duplicate bill from our site. Furthermore, you can also make online payments for your electricity bills from here. You can download a copy of your bill as well.

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