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Peshawar Electricity Supply Company is the leading company that supplies electric supply in the province of KPK (Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa). It has almost 3.2 million customers to serve in the whole province. Pesco is responsible for the uninterrupted supply of electricity in this area. If you are a customer of Pesco and you want to track your PESCO Online bill status before the due date then you are at the right place.

Pesco Online bill

Type 14 Digit Reference number to check you Pesco Duplicate bill.

Here you will be able to trace your Pesco online bill, you can see the amount payable, taxes and tariffs, and due date. Pesco mainly purchases electricity from WAPDA (water and power development authority) and supplies it to its customers in the whole province.

Procedure of PESCO Online Bill checking:

PESCO Online bill checking services has brought much ease for the customers of Pesco. Now you do not have to wait till the arrival of the bill at your home. You can easily check, calculate, and download your bill company using your mobile phone as well.  The process of online bill checking is very easy.

You can easily check your bill status using your reference number or customer ID. If you have any one of these numbers you can see whether your bill is clear or not. Furthermore, you will be able to see the total amount payable including all the taxes, charges, and tariffs. For checking your bill process following this process.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Check Duplicate Bill”
  • Enter your 14 digits reference number or customer ID.
  • Here is your bill status.

If you want to check all the details about your bill regarding the taxes charges, tariffs, and other charges you can click on “full view”. It is the full detail of all the charges that Pesco counts while computing the bill.

 PESCO Online Bill Downloading:

Pesco bill downloading was never as easier as it is today. You need to press a few clicks and your bill will be there on your device. You can get a copy of your previous bill. This is the process for downloading the pesco bill.

  • First, find your previous bill which you want to download.
  • Now find your 14 digits reference number.
  • Enter the reference number or customer ID and click on download.
  • Now your bill is on your device. You can get its print by clicking on the print button.

PESCO History at a Glance:

Peshawar Electricity Supply Company was established and operational on 22 March 1998. Now it is the best electricity supplying company in the KPK. Pesco is under the control of the Federal Government and its parent organization is the Ministry of Energy (Power Division). Its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Engr Muhammad Jabbar Khan.

Pesco came into existence under the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)’s act 1958. It took over all the rights, powers, liabilities, and assets of defunct Peshawar Area Electricity Board, Grid Stations, and Transmission lines that were supplying the electricity in the areas of Peshawar.

Pesco is a licensee from NEPRA having the right to distribute electric supply in 13 administrative districts of KPK.

Jurisdiction of Pesco:

There are total of 8 circles that Pesco handles, and maintains the electric supply in these areas. There are millions of people in these areas and it is about 1,204,621 Hectares of land. These are the circles of Pesco (Peshawar Electricity Supply Company).

  1. Bannu circle
  2. Hazara-1 circle
  3. Hazara-2 circle
  4. Mardan circle
  5. Khyber circle
  6. Peshawar circle
  7. Swat circle, and
  8. Swabi circle

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Pesco Mobile App:

Pesco is serving its customer in the best way possible. Peshawar Electricity Supplying Company has introduced the pesco mobile app. You can get it from your play store easily. Now you can check your PESCO online bill from your mobile any time you want. Here you will get all the details regarding bill status, the amount payable, taxes, charges, and tariffs. You can easily download or get a copy of your bill.

Taxes and Tariffs:

Pesco charges some taxes and tariffs. Let’s have a look at these taxes and tariffs.

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment):

Pesco purchases electricity from other companies which produce the electricity with crude oil. FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment, it is concerned with the fluctuations in the prices of crude oil. Rental power companies increase the cost of electricity when fuel prices go up. Pesco adds the cost in the bill under the head of FPA.

TR (Tariff Rationalization):

TR means Tariff Rationalization. It is the difference between NEPRA and the GOP tariff. It has two effects on the electricity bill. If the tariff is positive, the GOP will pay back in the form of a “subsidy”. On the other hand, when it is negative the distributing company will give it to the GOP in the form of “IDTR SUR” (Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge).

FC Surcharge:

The NEPRA Officials has fixed the FC (Financing Cost) to 43 paise per unit. FC is there in the bills to compensate for the fluctuations in fuel prices. You can see this adjustment every month in the bill.

Deferred Amount in the bill:

It is a good option that pesco customers can utilize. If the amount payable is high and they want to make a partial payment, they can easily do it. The remaining amount will be added to the next bill. A deferred payment facility is available for residential, commercial, and industrial pesco customers.

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment or DMC:

QTR tariff adjustment is a quarterly adjustment in the Pesco electricity bill. It is done on the number of units you have consumed in three 3 months. There is a calculator for QTR Tariff Adjustment calculations on Browse this site and you will see a units field there. Enter the number of units and it will calculate the QTR Tariff Adjustment. is a platform where you can check all types of electric bills. We facilitate our visitors in the best way possible. You can check your bill status here. You can get a duplicate bill as well. If you have anything to ask, please feel free to contact us.