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This image will help you to find your reference no. you can find your reference no on your old bill fill the form with 14 digital reference numbers and click on Generate button.

FESCO Online Bill

If you want to check your electricity FESCO Online bill so you are on the right platform. You have to require 14 digit reference no to check your Online Bill. You can view or print your electricity FESCO Online Bill from allbillchecker.com on your mobile, laptop, or computer before it reaches your home, shop, or office.

 What is FESCO?

FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company was established in 1998. Check the achievements of this company.

1965FASCO® year of foundation.
1987FASCO® moves into a new production centre with more than 10,000 sqm of effective area.
1989FASCO® becomes a member of BECK with establishments in Germany and Austria. BECK already is one of the biggest manufacturers in the field of fastening technology in Europe at that time.
1991Introduction of GS safety standard for FASCO® tools.
1996FASCO® recieves ISO-9001 certification.
1998FASCO® gets honoured for its indicatory safety system „Contact Trip / Single Shot”.
1999Launch of the new F26 and F45 tool series.
2002Launch of F1B and F21 tool series.
2005Increased focus on highly specialized tools. Introduction of one of the biggest portfolios for cardboard and mattress staple tools.
2005Launch of the newly designed F58A tool series.
2013Launch of new tool line for hog ring pliers, including gabion tools.
2015Design of F58 tools becomes new standard for FASCO® tools.
2016First gas driven tool in FASCO® range.
2017Launch of a pneumatic nailer F44AC-PS65 for LIGNOLOC®, the first ever fileable wooden nail.

 How to Check Monthly Bill Online and Pay?

  1. First, click on this URL ” https://allbillchecker.com/fesco-online-bill-duplicate-bill/ “to get your duplicate bill
  2. Get your bill 14 digit reference no from your old bill.
  3. Paste the 14 digit reference no on the URL that we have given on the 1st point and click on generate button.
  4. You will get your duplicate bill. you can print your bill duplicate copy.
  5. You can pay bills on any commercial bank Like 
  • Meezan Bank
  • United bank limited
  • Soneri bank limited
  • Bank Islamic
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Askari bank 
  • Js Bank
  • Habib Metro 
  • Bank al Habib

There are some banks that do not provide an online bill payment system. You need to confirm from your bank if it is providing an online bill payment service or not. If you have this service you can make payment of your electricity bill easily with your mobile. Just download the mobile app of your serving bank on your cell phone.

You can pay all the utility bills from this app. This is a very convenient mode of payment. It generates the receipt of bill payment. FESCO has introduced this mode of payment for the convenience of its customers.

 FESCO Bill Email Service:

In some cases: if you have paid your bill on a mobile app like Bank app, Easypaisa, Jazz cash, etc. The company bill system does not update your bill clearance so you can complain about the official email: on FESCO ‘s official website it is possible the company read your email and action on it.

FESCO offers you the best customer service and trying to improve its service as much as possible for them. They are offering you messaging service as well. If you want to get bill updates through message, you need to subscribe to the FESCO site. It will require 14 digits reference number and the phone number at which you are going to receive monthly bill updates.

 How to Register for New Connection?

If you are new shifted in Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, And Chiniot districts and you do not know how to get register for a new connection. We are giving you the full details of the prosses for a new connection. just click here for a new connection.

 FESCO Company Helpline:

FESCO has an efficient customer support system. If you are facing any issue relating to electricity you can contact the FESCO customer service cell. There are different modes of approaching its customer support system. You can make a phone call, send a fax, or you can pay a personal visit to the office. If you are living in the jurisdiction of FESCO and you are facing any problem relating to the electric supply you can register your complaint. As soon as you file your complaint they try their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you have any issue with your meter or have an issue with your bill you can easily contact these numbers: 

Telephone Number: +92 (41) 9220184 – 9220229

Fax: +92 (41) 9220233

UAN # 080066554

 FESCO Area of Jurisdiction:

      • Faisalabad
      • Sargodha
      • Mianwali
      • Khushab
      • Jhang
      • Bhakkar
      • T.T Singh,
      • Chiniot districts

FESCO Online Bill is responsible for maintaining the electricity supply in its circles. It is on the way to providing uninterrupted supply in these districts. Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company looks after all the matters relating to electricity. If there is any person who needs a new connection, if there is any supply interruption, or issue in the supply. FESCO staff resolve all these issues for the clients.

 Taxes Applies in FESCO Online Bill:

There are many taxes that are the part of total bill cost:


FPA stands for fuel price adjustment: All companies collect the amount of their consumption of FPA tax in the bills. It is the variation in the NEPRA tariff and the govt tariff. If it is positive then govt has to pay in the form of a subsidy. When it is negative it is added to the cost of the bill. You can see this cost every month on your electricity bill. 

T.R Surcharge:

TR stands for Tariff Rationalization. The rate of TR surcharges is rupee 1 per unit. It is reflected in electricity bills it is added to the total cost of the bill.

FC Surcharge:

FC is the abbreviation of financing cost. The rate of FC surcharges is 43 paisa per unit. It adds to the bill for adjusting the loans parked at the Power Holding Private Limited for the power sector. FESCO adjusts all the loans, taxes, and tariffs according to monthly bills. Therefore, FC cost is also adjusted in the bills.

Deferred Payments

Due to the pandemic breakout, the govt gave the facility of deferred payments to the electricity consumers. So, FESCO also introduced deferred payments system. If the electricity bill amount is huge and you want to make a partial payment, you have the facility to reduce it up to 3oo units cost. The remaining amount will be adjusted in the next bill without any additional charges.

These are some of the charges which are a permanent part of the electricity cost. You can see these charges every month on your bill. If you want to calculate the amount of taxes and the electricity cost. Then allbillchecker.com is the best platform for this purpose. You can check your bill status, download a duplicate bill, and get a print of your electricity bill.