LESCO Online Bill


If you are wondering about checking your LESCO online bill, you are at the right spot. Here we have a LESCO bill checking facility for you. You can check the status of your bill using the reference number or customer I.D. We have different fields for them. You have to enter the number, and the bill status will be there in a few seconds.

You can quickly check the amount of the bill, due date, payment status, and whether it is paid. On this platform, you can check the details of your LESCO bills as well. Like the electricity cost, surcharges, and total taxes added to your bill.

LESCO Online Bill

The government of Pakistan has levied up to 7.5% tax on electricity bills if you are a non-filer. But there is a solution to this problem; you can get an exemption from this tax by sending a message which contains your “C.N.I.C. Number,” on helpline number “8118”.

For example,
REG <Refnumber > <C.N.I.C.No>
REG <01212021101100 > <035500578409858>
Or get yourself registered at http://mnr.pitc.com.pk.

Process for Checking LESCO Online Bill:

  1. First, go to the LESCO website
  2. Now enter your reference number or customer I.D. (only one is required, not both) and click on the check bill button.
  3. You can see your bill statuses on this screen like amount payable, due date, and issue date.
  4. If you need full details of your bill, click on the “View Complete Bill” button.
  5. Now you are watching the full view of your bill; you can download or copy it in pdf format.

About Lahore Electric Company:

LESCO was established and started working in 1998. It is responsible for supplying electricity in different districts like Lahore, Kasur, Nankana Sahab, and Okara. In addition, Lesco has the following circles.

North Lahore(It has 5 divisions and 28 sub-divisions)
Central Lahore(It has 5 divisions and 31 sub divisions)
Eastern Lahore(It has 4 divisions and 23 sub divisions)
Okara district(It has 4 divisions and 23 sub divisions)
Kasur district(It has 5 divisions and 30 sub divisions)
South Eastern Lahore(It has 4 divisions and 26 sub divisions)
Nankana sahib (It has 4 divisions and 16 sub divisions)

allbillchecker.com is a platform where you can quickly check any electricity bill. No matter whether it is your residential, commercial, or industrial bill, we will update your bill status within seconds. Our site runs without interruption on all devices like mobiles, tabs, laptops, and P.C.s. You can access it any time to get information about your bill, and if you want to copy or download it, you can easily do.

LESCO New Connection Application:

If you are living in the jurisdiction of LESCO and you need a new electric connection you need to follow this process.

You can submit your application for a new electric connection in the sub-division office to the XEN. Or you can submit an online application for this purpose.

  • For submitting an online application browse the official site of LESCO which is www.lecso.gov.pk.
  • On the right side, there is an option for “Application Forms” click on it and the form will appear on your screen in pdf format. You can download and fill it with the required information and submit it to the relevant officer.
  • It will ask you for some basic information’s like;
  • Choose the connection category whether you need a domestic, commercial, industrial, agriculture, permanent, or temporary connection.
  • Now enter your N.T.N (National Tax Number) and the Sales Tax Registration Number.
  • Select the district, if you are living in the LESCO jurisdiction you will choose LESCO.
  • Then you need to provide contact information like contact person 1 and 2.
  • You are required to provide the mobile numbers of these persons and their addresses as well. Furthermore, you need to mention your relationship with those persons.
  • In this step, you need to get scanned copies of the following documents.

  • The proof of ownership like Registry of the land, Farred, Bayyana, and Allotment letter (in case of housing society). You need to get these documents attested.
  • Now, you are done with the documentary proofs, in this step you need to submit the application.
  • Get the printout of your application form.
  • Annex all the documents with the application form.
  • Prepare a complete file and make sure nothing is missing, now submit this report to the relevant officer.
  • LESCO officials will review your application and the documents in detail. Then they will issue the demand notice.
  • In this step, you need to pay the LESCO demand notice to the nominated bank branch.
  • After paying the demand notice submit it to the concerned officer for further process.
  • This is the final step, in this stage, the LESCO officer will verify the demand notice and after due verification, he will issue an order to install the connection.

LESCO Online Bill Complaints:

LESCO is trying its best to serve people without any delay or interruption. But still, there is a complaint that the staff at LESCO do not listen to the people’s complaints. Lahore Electricity Company has introduced an entirely new concept of listening to the protests, “E-Kacheri” under P.M.D.U. (Prime Minister Delivery Unit) you can access it on Lesco’s Facebook page. The link is given below; Facebook Page.

This E-Kecheri service is available for all the customers living in Kasur, Nankana Sahab, Okara, and Lahore districts; they can join these meetings.

Complaint Registering Process:

Customer satisfaction is the first priority of LESCO and it tries its best to fulfill all the demands of the consumers. LESCO has introduced a fast response customer support system. If you are living in the jurisdiction of LESCO you can file your complaint relating to electricity matters. The process for submitting the application is very simple. So, stay on the post;

If you are living in a territory that comes under the control of LESCO you can easily submit your application to the relevant sub-division office. You can get a printed form from there and fill it up with the required information. After filling up the information submit it to the office and the relevant clerk will entertain your application.

Online Complaint Application:

Nowadays the time is very short and everyone wants to save time. If you are facing any issue relating to electricity supply or break down you can file your complaint online on the official website of LESCO. Browse on your browser www.lesco.gov.pk. You will see on the left side there is a button for “Complaints” click on it and it will take you to the next window.

Here it will ask you for some basic information like the consumer’s name, complainant’s email address, mobile number, and the residential address as well.  Further, it will require you to give complaint details like the nearest place, complaint category, complaint type, and the complaint details. After fulfilling all these requirements click on the submit button. LESCO tries its best to resolve consumer issues as soon as possible.

Helplines and Complaints Numbers:

If you do not want to surf the internet and feel it is a burdening task, you can simply make a phone call to the Lesco office to file your complaints. If you need any information or support about Lesco, electricity or WAPDA you can call on the following numbers. These numbers are specially reserved for power failure in the Lesco territory.





LESCO Helpline Numbers:

Lesco has introduced an effective customer support system. There is a wide range of contact numbers for the consumers. Here is the detail of these phone numbers.

Lesco Complaint Number (Tool Free Number):

Lesco Department Basis Helpline Number and Address:

22/A Queens Road Lahore
 99204820-30, Ext: 100
This address is of the chief executive officer.
General Manager Executive Phone Number and Address:

General Manager Technical: 99204807 CE/Sr. Manager Planning & Dev.: 99204818 Sr. Manager Material Management: 99204842 Manager Project Construction: 99262173

Customer Service Directorate:

Director Customer Services: 99204814
Manager Commercial: 99204850
Manager (S&I): 99204798

General Manager Operations:

General Manager Operation: 99204813
Senior Manager O & M (Dist): 99204795
Senior Manager O & M (T&G): 99204809

Human Resource and Admin Directorate:

Director HR: 99204811
Manager HR: 99204794
Director-General Admin: 99204696

Finance Directorate:

Director Finance: 99204816
Manager Corporate Accounting: 99204837
Manager Corporate Planning and Control: 99204845

Legal Directorate:

Director Legal: 36280323
Manager Legal: 36280325

F.A.Q. ( Frequent Ask Questions)

How can I check my Lesco bill status?

First of all, bows lesco.com.pk and go to bill check. You can also check your bill status by searching on google as “Lesco bill checking” and opening the first page.

How can I check my CNIC Lesco bill?

The customer needs only one out of two numbers to check the Lesco bill status. One is the reference number, and the other is the CNIC number. Therefore, you can enter your CNIC number in the relevant field and press the button to check your Lesco bill status.

How do I find my reference number?

It is written in a box, and it will be a 14 digits code. It is your reference number; you can use it to check your Lesco bill status.

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How To Pay LESCO Bill Online Ubl?

There are very Easy Steps to pay your Online bill from Ubl (united bank limited)
Open your Ubl mobile banking application and click on a pay utility bill, then click on Bill by adding the Ref number of the bill. So you can pay your Lesco bill from Ubl mobile banking applications.

Where can I pay my LESCO Online Bill?

There are different Ways to Pay you, Bill.

  • You can Pay LESCO online bills in any Bank: United Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Meezan Bank Limited, Punjab Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Sonari Bank, etc.
  • Any Mobile application Can pay Lesco Bill: Like Easy Pasia, Jazz cash, Our Mobile banking app.
  • Nowadays there are many shops which accept the Lesco bill payments as well.
  • GPO is another payment option. You can make payment of Lesco bills at the GPO offices.