How to Apply GEPCO Electricity New Connection Meter


An easy and complete way to apply for GEPCO Electricity New Connection online.

Another Important Step Towards GEPCO’s Excellent Customer Service Is The Acquisition Of GEPCO Electricity New Connection Even Faster, Easier and Simpler.

Users can now submit their GEPCO Electricity New Connection requests online from home. All Gepco domestic, commercial, and agricultural / tube well customers request for extension of existing load including change of new connection, change of ownership name of meter and change of tariff through their link on website You can submit online from home.

Almost all GEPCO domestic, commercial and agricultural / tube well users can submit an online application on the website. Still, you will be told how to apply for a new home connection.

7 Easy Steps to GEPCO Electricity New Connection

To apply for GEPCO electricity new connection, you need to carefully fill out the form on the GEPCO website online and attach the necessary scanned documents online. Be careful when completing the application form, fill in all the red star boxes, and do not provide any false information/documentation.

Step 1

First, click on New Connection Procedure in the Customer Services tab on the home page of GEPCO website

Step 2

On the page that opens in front of you, there will be 4 pictures that will describe the details of different connections. You can click on any picture.

Step 3

This window will then open in front of you. You click on the third Apply New Connection tab on the left.

Step 4

A form will now open in front of you on which you will have to provide all your details step by step and avoid providing false information.

  • Choose your status You are a landlord or tenant
  • Name of the applicant father/husband
  • National Identity Card Number
  • Full current address (the address where you want the new connection)
  • Mobile number (try to provide two numbers)

GEPCO New Connection Delivery Process:

The front of the form will list the person you can contact during the GEPCO new connection delivery process.

  • The name of the person who will be in touch with GEPCO Company
  • Mobile number
  • Full address (contact)
  • Relationship with the applicant
  • Email address (must enter if you use email)

In the next part of the form, you have to provide complete details of the place (cover) to be metered here. Fill in all the details carefully.

  • Number of meters already installed in place (enclosure)
  • Minimum required load (in kWh)
  • Cover (place) address (where the meter is to be installed)

In the next part of the form, you have to provide the place (premises) neighbor information.

  • Reference number of a meter already installed in a neighborhood or place
  • Neighbor’s name and address

GEPCO often has meters from more than one company, so GEPCO allows you to install the meter of the company of your choice (optional).

  • Name of the meter company

In the last part of the form, you must upload copies of the following scanned documents (4). Documents submitted must be in Jpg or Pdf format and up to a maximum of 300 KB.

  1. Proof of ownership of property (registry etc.)
  2. Certified copy of National Identity Card of the applicant
  3. Certified copy of Witness’s National Identity Card (Try photocopying the front and back of the same page)
  4. A copy of a pre-installed meter electricity GEPCO bill in a neighborhood or place

Finally, read all the terms and conditions carefully, read all the forms again, and review the attached documents. If all the information provided is correct, tick Agree, fill in the captcha, and click submit. Your request has been submitted.

Step 5

After submitting the form, take a print of this form and attach copies of all four uploaded documents and submit it to your respective subdivision office (the name of the subdivision will be listed on the attached electricity bill). 

Step 6 

Upon receipt of the application online. The representative of the concern sub-divisional office will obtain copies of the require documents from the user during the site survey and notify the user if the application is approved or rejected.

Step 7

In case of application approval, the applicant will issue a demand notice by GEPCO, which can be download from GEPCO website with the help of tracking I or ID card number. So user can be apply to the applicant by GEPCO. Must  deposit in the bank. After submitting the demand notice. We will terminate your work, and GEPCO will provide you with a new connection at your place within the stipulated time. Because remember always to provide complete and accurate information and documents. So providing incorrect and incomplete information may cause you problems getting a new connection. Thanks


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