How Can I Check My Electricity Bill Online In Islamabad?


Nowadays everyone wants to save time. Because time is the most precious thing on the planet. Every person wants to spend his time on productive things and on those things which make him happy. So, wasting your time waiting in lines for paying your electricity bills does not make sense. If you have a question about how can I check my electricity bill online in Islamabad? You will get your answer in this post.

IESCO Duplicate Bill

You can check your bill on the official site of IESCO (Islamabad Electricity Supply Company). is a free source to check the details of your bills. You have a reference number on your bill which is the key to checking the details of your IESCO online bill. For this platform, you can check the bill and if you need a copy of it you can download it without any issue. It is a free source website and you can get it for free. You can save it on your device in pdf format.

IESCO Online Bill Checking

IESCO Duplicate bill checking is not a tough thing to do. You need the reference number for checking the bill status. Following are the steps for checking IESCO online bill.

  • First, browse the official website
  • There is a dropdown menu on the header “Customer Services” click on it.
  • Now click on “View Bill/Print Duplicate Bill”.
  • Within a few seconds a page will appear. Here it will ask for a reference number.
  • Enter 14 digits reference number and click the “search” button.
  • Within a moment you will see your bill on your device screen.
  • If you want to download a copy of your bill click on “full view”
  • From here you can download it and if you need its print click on the print button.

These are the simple steps for checking the IESCO online bill, from here you can download and get the print of your bill.

Mobile Application for Checking IESCO Online Bill

If you want to get your IESCO online bill through your mobile, now it is possible. There is an application at your play store you can download and install in on your cell phone. Now open the app and select your distributor. Now enter your reference number and you are done. You can check your IESCO Online Bill status on your mobile screen.

Checking Old Bill History

IESCO provides you the facility of checking the history of your bills. You can check it with the help of a reference number. Enter your reference number and IESCO will show you the billing history.

IESCO Online Bill Details

If you want to calculate the cost of electricity and the taxes on the bill. You can easily calculate it. There are different taxes and tariffs that are levied in the bill. For example, the general supply tariff, this tariff is levied on all types of bills like the residential, commercial, and industrial bill. The rate of tariff is different on all these types of bills.


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