Online MEPCO Duplicate Bill


Nowadays everyone wants to save time to use it in productive tasks. Bill paying is one of the time-consuming tasks on the chores list. If you want to save your time then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you how to get an Online MEPCO Duplicate Bill and what are the easiest ways of making bills payments.

The process of getting an Online Mepco Duplicate Bill is very simple and you can get it with simple clicks. You have two options for this purpose. First, is this platform and the other one is the official website of Multan Electric Power Company.

Mepco Duplicate Bill

If you do not want to wait for the bill to come to your home and you want to check the status of your bill you can easily do that. The process of downloading a Mepco Duplicate Bill is as follows;

First, browse and you will see on the right side, the list of electric supplying companies. From this list click on the “MEPCO Online Bill“. It may take a few seconds to load and it will take you to another window. Here can read all the details about Multan Electric Power Company. You need to scroll down and you will see a field with the name “Reference Number”. Here you need to enter your 14 digits reference number. After entering the reference number click on “View My Bill”.

It will take a while to load your bill status. On this screen, you can see your Mepco bill status. It is a kind of short-form bill which shows the payment status whether it is paid or not. But, wait a second you can access the full details of your bill from here. There is a button “Full View” click on the button and a new window will open with your bill.

Now you can easily calculate the payable amount, total taxes, surcharges, and the cost of electricity. One of the most valuable things you can get is to get a duplicate copy of your bill. There you will see a button “Download” click on the button and the copy of your bill will be saved on your device in pdf format.

Online Payment Methods

It is an obvious thing that no one wants to waste time in big lines for the payment of utility bills. So, Mepco has come up with an online payment system to facilitate its consumers. Now you can easily make payment of the Mepco bill using an online banking facility. If you have an account in any bank it has its own mobile app. You can easily pay all the utility bills with the help of this app.

Other Online Payment Modes

If you do not have a bank account and want to make a payment online, you do not need to worry about it. If you have an Easypaisa account, JazzCash account, or Upaisa account. You can use any of these apps for the payment of Mepco bills.

Open the app there is an option “Utility Bills” click on it. Now click on “Electric Bills” and from the next window select the power supplying company. If you are living in Mepco jurisdiction then you will click on Mepco. Now enter 14 digits reference number, enter the amount payable and click on the “OK” button. A message of confirmation will appear on your screen that you have paid your bill.

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