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Allbillchecker is offering you to check all kinds of utility bills. Like IESCO Online Bill, PESCO, GEPCO, MEPCO, FESCO, HESCO, IESCO, SEPCO, QESCO, TESCO, on your mobile and computer in just a few seconds.

Note: If your electricity bill is more than 20,000. You must have to pay it in the nearest commercial bank.

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 How To Get Print of IESCO Online Bill?

IESCO Online Bill

  1. You need to have 14 digital reference no of you old bill. You can find you reference no from your old bill copy.
  2. Don’t make any mistake to write your 14 digital reference no on from and click on generate button.
  3. You will find you latest month bill id than click on print button. Your bill will be print or capture the image with you mobile or computer.

Type Your 14 Digits Reference No Without Space

 Get Your Bill On Email Every Month:

If you’re an IESCO customer, you may have received a duplicate bill in the mail recently. Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

IESCO has been facing some issues with their online billing system, which has resulted in some customers receiving multiple bills email.

If you’ve received a duplicate bill, don’t worry – you can simply ignore it. IESCO will be sending out updated bills shortly to everyone who received a duplicate bill email. If you want to get you bill on email just click here

 New Connection / Registration:

Your can registration your new connect free of cost just you need to click on this url “Click Here” fill the form and submit.

 Complain and Questions:

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact IESCO’s customer service department. They’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Thank you for your patience as IESCO works through these issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. tuned for more updates!

 How You Can Pay Electricity Bill Online:

  • You Can pay your electricity bill from any commercial bank Like United bank limited, Meezan Bank, Al HabibIESCO Online Bill Bank, Soneri Bank, National bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited and others.
  • Mobile Applications: You can pay your electricity bill from Easypaisa, Jazz cash, and Upaisa Applications.
  1. Create Your Easypaisa or Jazz Cash Account by Dial *786#
  2. Select “Pay Bills”
  3. Decide Type of Bill
  4. Choose Company Like IESCO, PESCO, FESCO, etc.
  5. Type Your Bill’s Consumer Reference Number and
  6. Review Transaction and Enter MPIN to confirm

 Electricity Generation Mix:

Pakistan Has different sources to make electricity:

S.NoSourcePercentage (%)
1Hydroelectric Power32
3Natural Gas Furnace Oil12
(Regasified , Liquefied Natural Gas)
5Nuclear Power08
6Furnace Oil Power03
7Wind Power02
8( Solar, Bagasse, Waste Heat Recovery etc)02

 Update After IESCO Statements:

UPDATE (After IESCO’s Statement): IESCO Online Bill is confirmed to be online now. So, you can use the following method to pay your bill without getting IESCO Duplicate Bill ever again… IESCO Online Bill IESCO System has always worked well, since 1997 (website & app both), providing all IESCO customers with one single bill for electricity and gas usage.


This can be frustrating, especially if you’re not sure why you received it or what to do about it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get this sorted out.

The first thing you should do is check your account online to see if your balance has changed at all. If it has, that may be why you received the duplicate bill. If your balance hasn’t changed, there may be a problem with the way your bill was generated. In either case, contact IESCO customer service as soon as possible to sort it out.

Duplicate bills can be frustrating, but they’re usually easy to resolve. IESCO has one of the best customer service departments in Pakistan. They’ll be able to help you out if you contact them when you receive the duplicate bill! 

Territories Under IESCO Jurisdiction

There is a large jurisdiction of IESCO to serve. It is efficiently serving its all territories. There are five big circles under the control of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company.

  1. Islamabad Circle
  2. Attock Circle
  3. Rawalpindi Circle
  4. Chakwal Circle, and
  5. Jehlum Circle

These five circles have many divisions and cities. IESCO is efficiently serving its large territory. It has efficient customer service. If you have any complaint relating to the service, electricity break down, or electricity break down you can contact to the IESCO Head office. If you are living in any of these areas you can easily check your IESCO Online Bill. You can get IESCO duplicate bill at any time.

Tariff Charges in IESCO Bills

The tariff is a cost in the IESCO bills which is variable in nature. The tariff varies with the consumption of electricity units. Tariff charges are a permanent part of every residential, commercial, and industrial bill. There are different types of tariffs that are charged in the bill calculations.

General Supply Tariff for Residential IESCO Bills

If you are a residential customer of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company then the rate of tariff will be less than the commercial and industrial bills. The cost of tariff according to the units is explained below.

  • If you consume up to fifty units a month the tariff is only 3.95 rupees.
  • If your electricity consumption falls between 51 to 100 units this cost will be 7.74 rupees.
  • From units 101 to 200 the tariff cost is 10.06.

the rates for commercial and industrial consumers are slightly different.

Tariff for IESCO Commercial Consumers

The need for electricity in commercial consumers is much higher than that of residential ones. The cost of tariffs is slightly higher. Following is the detail of tariffs for commercial consumers.

  • If the electricity consumption is up to 5 kW the cost will be 21.34 rupees.
  • The tariff cost for the electricity consumption of 5 kW or above will be 23.02 rupees.

Tariff for IESCO Industrial Consumers

Every industry works on a large scale. The need for electricity is far more than the residential consumers. It is more than the commercial consumers as well. Industrial consumers get relaxation in tariffs.

  • If the electricity consumption is up to 25 kW the tariff will be 18.62 rupees.
  • When the consumption is more than 25 but remains up to 500 kW the tariff will be 18.12 rupees.

The tariff charges are variable in nature from user to user. These tariffs are different for agriculture, seasonal industry, and residential colonies attached to the industries.

FPA Fuel Price Adjustment

It is one of those costs which are a permanent part of bill calculations. FPA refers to the fluctuation of oil prices which affect the power generation cost. You can see this cost every month in your IESCO Online Bill.

T.R Charges

TR means “Tariff Rationalization”. It is the gap between NEPRA and the Govt tariffs. If it is favorable then govt has to pay in the form of a subsidy. When it is negative then the consumer bears the TR surcharges along with the electricity cost.

Deferred Payment

IESCO has come up with an option to make deferred payments for your electricity bills. This could be the actual bill you have to cover in the span of thirty days. The remaining payable amount will be adjusted in upcoming bills. IESCO does not require you to pay any extra fee for the deferred payments.


There are many queries of people relating to IESCO. We are going to answer the frequently asked questions.

  • How can I complain about IESCO?

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company has an efficient and effective customer service system. You can pay a personal visit to the office or you can file your complaint via telephone. IESCO Head office is located on Street 40, G-7/4 Islamabad. Their helpline number is 118. You can text them at 8118.

  • How do I know the bill status?

You can easily check your IESCO Online Bill status whether it is paid or not. You can use your reference number for this purpose. Browse the website There is a dropdown menu at the header. Take the cursor at the “Customer Service” menu and click on “Bill View/Print Duplicate Bill”. It will take you to another page, where you will see the reference number field. Enter your reference number and click on “submit”. You can check your bill status. From here you can also get an IESCO duplicate bill.

  • How can I check IESCO Online Bill with my ID card number?

ID card number is not useful for checking the bill status. You cannot download the IESCO duplicate bill using your ID card number. You can only use the 14 digits reference number for this purpose.

  • How can I change my IESCO bill name?

The process of the IESCO bill name change is time-consuming. You can submit your application on a printed form, to the Sub-Division. You need to attach the required documents with the application form. They require a substantiated explanation of why you want to change your billing name. The process will take a few days.

  • How can I complain about a power cut?

There is a special number for listening to and handling the complaints relating to the power supply. The number is 1912, you can report the issues relating to the power cut. The Customer Support Staff listens to your complaint. Immediately they forward your complaint to the field personnel for timely action or rectification.